Mismatch between body and soul

120606 Mismatch

What I hate so much is the mismatch between the body and the mind.

Why the hell is the body nervous when mind is not. The body is acting on it´s own with no cooperation to what the mind does of feels.

It is disturbing and sooo annoying. “I” am not nervous, but the body goes high-wired. For no reason whatsoever. Today it is only my family coming but my body seems to think it is very dangerous.  

No wonder why people has problems. Believing there is something wrong with them mentally. When it is the body that does not match any more. And going to a schrink to fix ancient body functions. Well, that does not work. 

I was reading about the brain yesterday. Illustrerad Vetenskap 9/2012. An article about intelligence. How can a tiny thing like a neuron determin what information is to be passed along?
Thinking of that arcicle the neuron has to be a mind of it´s own to be able to know what info my being needs. Is every neron maybe connected "to a higher plane of existence" to use a popular expression from SF and spiritual worlds. 

I am always coming back to the two parts that is supposed to be "me". And I still  gets more and more confused. Those two should not co-exist in the same system.

Our minds needs a better host if we are to be here at all. 


They say we are here for the spirit soul to evolve. Better itself. What a stupid idéa. 

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